Shiva Paintstik Oil Colors

When you're ready to start your next oil painting, pick up Shiva Artist's Paintstik Oil Colors instead of a brush. Ideal for sketching and outlining, Artist's Paintstik Oil Colors are a refined linseed oil blended with quality pigment and solidified into a convenient stick form.

For the professional artist, art student or amateur artist, Artist's Paintstik Oil Colors are an effective medium to think out shape, composition and color, without a palette or mixing cup. They are also a useful aid to the art teacher to help students grasp fundamentals of oil painting without using classroom time for mixing paint and clean-up. You can actually paint "wet into wet" with a solid oil stick, allowing a feeling of free, spontaneous expression.

Artist's Paintstik Oil Colors are ideal for sketching and outlining.

Artist's Paintstik Oil Colors can be spread or blended and used in conjunction with conventional oil paints. They are self-sealing, just peel the seal before using. There are no unpleasant odors or fumes, so you can paint virtually anywhere, at any time, on almost any surface - from paper to panel to fabric. In most cases, the paint dries in 24 hours. Artist's Paintstik Oil Colors are available in 51 Professional Colors, 12 Student Colors, and 16 Iridescent Colors.

The artist can draw directly on paper, wood, canvas and other surfaces. The Paintstik can also be used to rough in your work and then, using the Colorless Blender, smooth the outlines and blend the colors. A paint brush dipped in turpentine or Signa-Turp Odorless Thinner can make strokes become a wash or achieve a watercolor look. A "built-up" effect simply needs more pressure to the stick. The colors can be spread or blended with a finger, paintbrush, rag or with turpentine. A palette knife can shift the color around in the same way as conventional oils.

Thinners, turpentine and linseed oil work much as they do with conventional oil paints. Dryers are really not necessary when using Artist's Paintstik Oil Colors, but they may be used with the same results as conventional oil paints. Varnishes may be applied to finished paintings after they are completely dry.