Photo by Lindsey Van Roy


I am endlessly intrigued by both the natural landscape and the way humanity travels through it, works, and thrives. A native of northeast Wisconsin, it is through travel that I am most stimulated.

I often travel with my pastels, working from life and absorbing amazing stimuli I might never recall if I worked only from photographs: light changing through the day; the wind, rain and heat; the smells and subtle sounds of place. It is immensely pleasurable and continually fosters new growth.

In the studio I work from my photographs to create larger oils. It is in my studio that I can experiment with the fractured shapes I often employ and the effects of color when experienced close up and at a distance.

Artist's work I have drawn inspiration from:

  • Sr. Thomasita Fessler
  • Daniel Greene
  • Stephen Quiller
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Marcel Duchamp
  • Georges Seurat